What’s New at New Living

I created a New Living page on Facebook on September 2nd 2016.

I started a Blog on August 29th 2016 to post my own articles and news of interest, and invite discussion.

I published the online video course ‘Learn To Love More’ on July 10th 2015.

On September 2nd 2015 I was interviewed on the ‘Just LOVE’ radio show based in San Rafael, California.

New Living videos are the main updates to the ‘Ascension NOW’ essay I wrote in 2006. These videos are meditations and radio interviews in which I discussed what I believed really happened on December 21st 2012, the date which the press and media called “the end of the world” date. It is, to my mind, the marker date for the beginning of New Living in the Golden Age which I have been working to understand for all of us to understand and enjoy.