What New Living is about – it’s about love

This New Living is NOT the New Living Translation Bible but both are aiming to create a more loving world.

What New Living is about is love. That is, the mission of this New Living is ‘To create a more loving world to help us through to a Golden Age’.

We will encourage people to love each other, and the natural world, more – a lot more.

We are providing information in the form of courses, articles and videos, a Facebook Page and a YouTube channel. We are setting out to show that love is a lot more than just romance. It’s more than just loving one’s family, and one’s pets and one’s car or house. It’s not just loving what one does, such as your job, or sports or going on holiday. It’s a lot more than that.

Love is something that is part of ourselves, within ourselves. We’re born with not only the ability to love but we’re a bundle of love at the time we’re born. Then we spend our lives looking for it outside of ourselves. But it’s already inside us, just needing to be discovered.

A lot of New Living is about giving information. We can see that although a vast amount of love is within us, we are brought up so that we look to others for guidance. This is especially true in the western world. In the East people find the love within, and do not worry so much about outward ‘success’.

We offer information about these things by discussing the true nature of life and the true history of humanity.

We will be looking also at the darker side of humanity and how we see this in our world today.

We need to discover who we really are, and why things are the way they are today.

We will also discuss the coming of the Golden Age. We will help to guide people through that transition. It’s happening now and is likely to last through the 2020s, and then…..then we should be living in a new Golden Age.

What a Golden Age is

What a Golden Age is

What is a Golden Age in a sentence? A Golden Age is an Age of Love. But it can be more fully described in just a couple of paragraphs:

What a Golden Age is, is an Age of love. We will see love between people of all races, ethnicities, religions and faiths, cultures, genders, sexualities, economic and social status. That is, all those things that in this present Age usually divide us. They won’t in the Golden Age.

What a Golden Age is, is one which comes with the natural cycles of time. History, especially history as recorded in the East, tells us that there are cycles which follow regular periods of time. Across thousands of years we go from the darkest of times, such as those we’re in today, to the lightest of times.

Amazingly, the Golden Age, so say the wise men of the East, always follows the darkest of Ages. Somehow there is a big leap, of sorts, in which people’s hearts and minds change so that a transition from darkness to light occurs very rapidly.

Such a change to a new Golden Age might, for example, come about through an unforeseen natural event such as a sudden change in the level of energy around us. People’s brains may react in a way that we suddenly awaken and we all see energies like auras swirling around us all. This would show us that we’re all connected by energies, and we’re all one living thing, one life, not separate at all.

That’s what a Golden Age is, one in which we see that we’re all one, and we’re in a state of love for all, all people, all the natural world.

Are we in the Golden Age already? We may be, it may have already started but it’s not clear to see yet. I don’t think it’ll be long now.

Who is behind New Living

What New Living is about - it's about love

Philip Snow

Who is behind New Living? Myself, Philip Snow.

I was born at the end of the Second World War, in 1945, just three weeks before the first atomic bomb was dropped in Japan, at Hiroshima. If it’s true that we decide when to be born, I decided to be born at a very significant time, when the world was seriously in need of being more loving.

I was only 12 years old when I could see that people needed to love each other more, and I decided at that time, and I clearly remember thinking these words, “I’m going to spend the rest of my life sorting that out.”

That’s precisely what I’ve been doing, am still doing and will continue doing. I’m 73 now, at this time of writing in 2018, and my resolve to fulfil this mission grows stronger by the year. Clearly, the world still needs to learn to love more, so I’m not finished yet.

My life, looking back at it, has been a process of finding my way to fulfilling this mission of mine.

I had always enjoying doing things for people – nice things, helping people. When I left school at the age of 18 I went for a career in hotel management. Even from an early age I had always enjoyed being in hotels, they seemed to me like fantasy worlds where things could be different from the usual, better in many ways.

And so it was that at the age of 27, I took over a small hotel in Edinburgh and set about creating the perfect hotel. I enjoyed giving the guests, or customers, a nice experience. I was the perfect host, people would tell me “You were born for this, weren’t you?” and I felt I was.

Later, though, when reality caught up with me and I ran out of money, I started asking some big questions, such as “How can I be the right person, in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing in the right way?”

To be honest, I think that’s a question worthy of someone who wants to be God. Or someone who wants to be like God. God, we might presume, is in the right place at the right time, etc., all the time, as I wanted to be.

And that, unsurprisingly, took me back to my conviction that the answer to all these big questions is “love”.

So when, or if, you ask “Who is behind New Living?”, the answer is a man who believes that all we need is love.

Is New Living a bible?

Let’s not get confused here with the New Living Translation Bible. There is no connection between the New Living Translation Bible and this New Living. I didn’t even know about the New Living Translation Bible when I created this New Living. If anything, my New Living harked back to a spiritual development group called New Light where I was a member in the 1990s.

For greater clarity, let me explain that the translators of the New Living Translation set out to translate the original texts of Scripture into clear, contemporary English. They translated as simply as possible to provide an accurate, clear, and natural English text from the texts that became the Saint James Version Bible.

If you’re interested you can get a New Living translation Bible download pdf.

So there’s no connection between the two ‘New Livings’.

How long has New Living been going?

I inaugurated New Living as a formal body of work in June 2004 at the very moment of the Venus Transit. This was the transit of the planet Venus across the face of the sun. This happens only every 120 years or so, in pairs of Venus Transits almost exactly eight years apart.

Funnily enough, I have the exact astrological configuration of the Venus Transit in my birth chart. So I think there’s something special about it for me.

It was believed that this transit was to be a moment in time which would introduce a new influence in the world. This would be the awakening of the hemisphere of our brains that is the right-hand side of our brain.

The right hemisphere of our brains mediates the more feminine attributes such as nurturing, caring, consideration of others, a more holistic approach to things going on – in other words, more like a mother than like a father who uses the left-hemisphere more, being more masculine, action-oriented and analytical.

And although women generally have always been more right-brain dominant than men, this Venus Transit would herald a time when men would use more of their right brain. Both genders would use more of their right brain, and be more balanced all round.

Frankly, in 2018, I’m not sure that it’s clear to most people whether men are becoming more feminine. If they are, and in some ways they do seem to be, people tend to put this down to pesticides in our food! Or even the growing assertiveness, or masculinity, of some women, as some women seek more equality with men! Time will tell.

Nevertheless, I do think that there is something of a growing feeling in the world that, when all is said and done, people need to love each other more.

So now you know who is behind New Living, what a Golden Age is, and what New Living is about – it’s all about love.