New Living Video Gallery

‘Quantum Leap 2012’ series:

Introduction : Parts 1 – 5

Love is All You Need : Parts 1 – 2

Economic Meltdown : Parts 1 – 2

The Mayan Calendar : Parts 1 – 3

The Big Picture : Parts 1 – 3

Two Things to Know, Whatever Happens

What happened on December 21st 2012

2012 – Time For Love, Service and Compassion

Open Your Heart – Your Crucial Choice For 2012

Occupy Your Heart – Your Crucial Choice


Meditations written and narrated by Philip Snow:

Loving Unconditionally

Unconditional Love is Who You Are

Opening the Heart to Unconditional Love

Going Through 2012 – Unconditional Love Is All You Need

Unconditional Love Meditation

Loving Earth Meditation

Open Your Heart


‘Being There’ Relaxation videos

Bluebells at Betley Court

Nature Opens The Heart To Unconditional Love

Sound of Waves Relaxation

Sparkling Sea in North Wales


‘New Living Radio Interviews’ series:

Just LOVE Radio Show – September 15th 2015

Caribbean Radio Show – January 27th 2013

Red Shift Radio – January 24th 2013

Red Shift Radio – July 11th 2012


Philip Snow interviews Harold W Becker, founder of The Love Foundation:


Aspects of Love

Aspects of Love – Introduction

Aspects of Love – Freedom

Aspects of Love – Peace

Aspects of Love – Faith

Aspects of Love – Unity

Aspects of Love – Detachment

Aspects of Love – Honesty

Aspects of Love – Forgiveness

Aspects of Love – Grace

Aspects of Love – Gratitude

Aspects of Love – Compassion

Aspects of Love – Health

Aspects of Love – Service

Aspects of Love – Perfection

Aspects of Love – New Beginnings

Aspects of Love – Bloopers & Out-takes


Self Discovery

Self Discovery – Introduction

Self Discovery – Choice

Self Discovery – Communication

Self Discovery – Positive Thinking

Self Discovery – Creativity

Self Discovery – Masculine and Feminine Energies

Self Discovery – The Child Within

Self Discovery – Unconditional Love

Self Discovery – New Beginnings

Self Discovery – Bloopers & Out-takes


Loving Unconditionally

Loving Unconditionally – Introduction

Loving Unconditionally – Unconditional Love

Loving Unconditionally – Going Within

Loving Unconditionally – Expanding Our Awareness

Loving Unconditionally – Aligning Ourselves

Loving Unconditionally – Tapping the Unlimited

Loving Unconditionally – Living Now, Creating Now

Loving Unconditionally – We, The People

Loving Unconditionally – Bloopers & Out-takes