About New Living

The purpose of New Living is ‘To create a more loving world to help us through to a Golden Age’. This will be achieved through dissemination, discussion and reconciliation of a range of cosmologies, religions, philosophies and disciplines seeking to reveal the true nature of life and the true history of humanity.  Part of this will involve looking at the darker side of humanity and even the extraterrestrial presence on our planet since pre-historical times.  We need to discover who we really are, and why things are the way they are today.  New Living will also discuss the coming of the New Era, or new creation, and help to guide people in very practical ways through the transition which is occurring now and likely to last until 2012, and then…..  

December 30th 2006:  I am inviting reviews on my essay ‘Ascension NOW’.  The essay is semi-autobiographical and is intended to introduce readers to my perspective on the ‘coming of the New Era’ derived either from my own personal experience or from many different sources which I believe to be credible;  it also offers the beginnings of practical strategies for anticipating the changes and transitions which I believe lie ahead.   N.B. on other pages of this website you may find my earlier thoughts, understandings and writings which I no longer agree with;  I have left them there to show that there has been a process towards my greater understanding, and the process will continue – necessarily – as events and new sources of knowledge emerge.

N.B. New Living is not-for-profit. And as far as possible, no money will be charged for anything done by New Living; as far as I am concerned, money should not exist – all should be given, or shared.