I consider it crucial that we open our hearts to a significantly greater degree than hitherto, as a means to raise ourselves above the level at which our society is being ruled and corrupted today.

Through that means, the collective consciousness of humanity can be raised sufficiently that the-powers-that-be who are currently in charge will become progressively disempowered by the increasingly loving and compassionate disposition of the populace; such that they will increasingly find themselves unable to corrupt, disempower, suppress, dumb-down, enfeeble, sicken, demoralise and debase humanity in order to preserve their power and control over humanity and rob humanity of our natural abundance in every facet of our lives.

Here is a collection of links and suggestions for what you can do to open your heart more, thereby raising your consciousness and vibration/frequency and your capacity to strengthen the positive aspects of the collective consciousness.

New Living’s Facebook page Open Your Heart

The Love Foundation’s Facebook pages Inspiring Unconditional Love and Loving Earth

The Love Foundation I believe The Love Foundation holds the key to inspiring people to open their hearts. Their mission is ‘to inspire people to love unconditionally’. The Love Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation based in Florida, U.S. I have been a U.K.-based board member of The Love Foundation since 2011.

The ‘Love Begins With Me Film’ channel on YouTube has playlists of videos uplifting the heart energies. The videos are mainly my own interviews of people who have experienced the great value of love in their own heart, and others’ too.

To raise your consciousness through raising your ‘vibrations’, go to the ‘What’s Your Vibe?’ page of the Woodland Wellness website which belongs to a friend of mine, Keith Corbett, a holistic healer.

I would also ask you to do three very important things and hold them in your awareness as constantly as possible:

1. Be aware that there is a spiritual dimension to your life and you are directly connected, without anything in-between, to the prime source of all creation, whatever you call it. Feel a two-way bond of the deepest imaginable love. Love is the greatest power in creation.

2. Feel immense gratitude in your heart for everyone and everything that supports you, guides you, nourishes you, helps you, provides you with your environment (e.g. the road menders and street cleaners, among very many others) and provides for you in ways you can’t imagine and you’ll never hear about.

3. Develop the deepest possible love for the Earth, with whom you merged your spirit when you were born and from whom you gained the materials to make your body (food, water, air, etc) and who provides you with the environment in which you live and do the things you desire to do. Pledge always to reciprocate the love you receive from Mother Earth, protect and conserve her and avoid misusing her in all ways you can. Include the whole of Nature in this.