“Learn To Love More – And Become ALL You Were Born To Be!”

Learn To Love More

Learn To Love More – Course Description

The key to becoming all you were born to be is LOVE….so use it!

Love is the spirit of life itself. You are part of life, and so love is your spirit too, as you already feel it to be. This course is to inspire you to use more of your love for your own benefit, and other people’s too!

In this course you’ll learn how to love more amongst family and friends, amongst people at work or in teams or groups; in the community and in the wider world also.

And you’ll learn how to make good things happen, things that you might always have wished could happen but you had no idea how it could be possible.

Love can be a lot more powerful than we generally give it credit for, even though we know it’s important and we value it greatly.

What’s more, you, yourself, are much more than most of us think we are, and this course is about getting to know that deeper ‘you’ and understanding how you can use the greater power that lies deep within you.

The combination of that greater love with the greater ‘you’ can be extremely powerful. It can help you be things and do things you never thought you’d be or do. When you’ve completed the course you’ll be able to use that powerful combination for your own benefit and other people’s too.

There’s a new perspective on the Law Of Attraction too.

The course has 10 sections with more than 48 short videos, in total just over 3hrs long. It really would be best to go through the sections in order because there’s a step-by-step process carefully set out. So please start at the beginning and work through it sequentially.

Enjoy the course, and become ALL you were born to be!

What are the requirements?

You’ll need to be willing to practice some easy exercises and consider some concepts you may never have encountered before, through the step-by-step process set out in the course.

Apart from that, you’re good to go!

What am I going to get from this course?

48 video lectures and 3+ hours of content!

You’ll become able to access the deeper and more powerful kind of love which exists untapped within you, love which is capable of making very good things happen amongst family, friends, even strangers, at work and in groups and teams, and even in the wider world.

You’ll be on your way to becoming ALL you were born to be!

What is the target audience?

This course is especially for you if you know that “what the world needs now, is love, sweet love, it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of” but you don’t know how it could ever happen, even in your own life, in your own interactions with people. But a word of caution, we’re NOT talking romantic love here, so the course is NOT for people wanting more romance in their one-to-one relationship.

The course is also for you if you know that love can be very powerful in helping to make good things happen, but don’t understand how to access that kind of love, and use it for your benefit and other people’s too!

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This course is free!


‘Learn To Love More’ Course Curriculum


Section 1: Course Introduction

1   Welcome To The Course!  02:58

A guide to how the course is structured, with some hints that there’s an emphasis on some key points to look out for, which will help you achieve the course objectives, whilst there are also numerous other enticing avenues offered for further exploration in the future if you so choose!

2   Make A Start – To Open Your Heart!   05:48

This lecture will give you a quick start to getting good results from the course by offering you an exercise you can do straightaway to help you to love more.

Go ahead, try it out! And put your heart in it!


Section 2: Opening Your Heart

1   Introduction To Opening Your Heart   02:44

This is an introduction to this section in which you will learn to open your heart more, so that you can feel love more, and become more warm-hearted and open-hearted in your appreciation of everyone and everything. And you’re on your way to having “a heart of gold” as is said of someone with a heart which radiates the qualities of love!

2   Consciously Opening Your Heart   07:43

There are many ways you can make deliberate efforts to open your heart and give yourself rapid results, using methods that you probably already use, such as listening to your favourite music. But could you do it more? What else could you do more of? Opening your heart in such self-indulgent ways could be one of the best investments you could make!

3   Unconsciously Opening Your Heart   06:47

There’s part of your mind which is subconscious, or unconscious, which you can use to help open your ‘energy’ or ‘spiritual’ heart more; this part of your mind is very powerful and knowledgeable, for example, it runs all the systems in your body throughout your life without you even being aware of it! Here are some ways to enlist its help in opening your heart more.

4   Expressions Of Unity   05:20

This lecture encourages you to recognize that we’re all human beings, all part of the worldwide human race, or human family; and we have a basis there for recognizing a profound unity and equality between ourselves which can underpin all and every interaction or perceptions we have towards other people. This is the way towards unconditional love in which we love everyone and everything regardless of any reasons we might normally find NOT to love. It provides a very solid basis for recognizing the many ways we CAN love and interact with people in very positive ways.

5   Evidence Of Your Opening Heart   03:52

This lecture concludes the section with a worksheet designed to help you see the progress you’re making in opening your heart and learning to love more and making more good things happen.

You’re asked to start the worksheet with your ‘baseline’, that is, how you were before you started the course; and then at intervals you can write an update on the form which will show the progress you’re making. Only you see your progress on this worksheet (unless you choose to show it to someone, of course!) so it’s good to be as fair a judge of yourself as possible; your progress, as shown by the results on the worksheet, will reinforce the practices you’ve now started to use to love more.

6   Opening Your Heart – Meditation   02:03

This is a meditation written and narrated by your course instructor, intended to help you absorb the simple message “Open your heart” in a multi-media format, that is, the narrator’s meditative voice, soft music and the almost hypnotic video of ocean waves unfurling gently on the sea-shore.


Section 3: Understandings And Experiences Of Love

1   Section Introduction   01:27

This lecture introduces this section which sets out to develop your understanding and appreciation of love, in order to inspire you to spend more time loving, and to broaden the outreach of your love beyond your immediate circle of family and friends.

2   The Importance Of Love   05:23

This lecture aims to raise your awareness about the importance we give to love; and asks why, if we value love so much, we don’t spend more time loving? So many questions, yet there don’t seem to be many ready answers!

3   Why We Don’t Love More?   07:25

This lecture looks at some of the answers to the question raised in the previous lecture, about why we don’t love more, if we attach so much importance to love?

Like many of us, you may not be conscious of how you restrict your loving, in four main ways:

You may be too busy living your life to think about how you can love more
You may never have been meaningfully encouraged nor inspired to love more, nor even taught how to love more
You may have been overly influenced by the media to seek romantic love to the exclusion of a more universal love
You may have felt it’s more important to develop a competitive edge over other people rather than adopting a more collaborative, unified, ‘team spirit’ approach.

4   It’s Natural To Love   03:31

This lecture acknowledges that we love to love. Loving seems to be part of human nature, so much so that it raises the question: would we want to feel loving all the time? Is such a thing possible? Your instructor believes it is!

5   How Love Makes Good Things Happen   01:46

Love is a creative, motivating power which can make some very good things happen. The more capably we use love, the more effective it will be for us. To learn how to do that, we’re going to have to dig a bit more deeply into life and love.

6   Section Conclusion   01:46

This lecture concludes this section by reviewing what has been discussed about our recognition of the importance that love has to us, and how, if it’s so natural and desirable for us to love more, we may feel inspired to extend our outreach of love.


Section 4: What Is Love?

1   Section Introduction   01:28

This lecture introduces this section in which we’ll look at definitions of love that have been handed down to us, and find that mostly they refer to romantic love which we’re not talking so much about here; we’re looking at something broader than that, for which definitions are somewhat harder to find.

To help us see love in a greater spectrum of ways than we usually think of love, we’re also looking in this section at a number of “aspects of love” which show that we can find love in some, perhaps hitherto, unexpected places.

2   Definitions Of Love   09:07

In this lecture your instructor is reading some definitions of love from dictionaries and internet search engines, and finding them somewhat lacking in depth and breadth; and also looking back in time to what some of the great masters, both men and women, have said most memorably about love. Again, you are encouraged to see that we need to go deeper than even some of the great masters have gone, if we’re really to get a good grip with our mind on what love can potentially be.

3   Aspects Of Love Pt 1   09:13

In this lecture, your instructor reads descriptions of 20 aspects of love which we may not previously have recognized as aspects of love; but they are, in their own ways; your instructor wrote these descriptions himself, rather than drawing on other sources.

4   Aspects Of Love Pt 2   05:17

Your instructor reads a further 24 aspects of love, and invites you to consider what more aspects of love you can discover for yourself; there are many more, and it would be a good exercise for you to find more, and write descriptions for yourself. These aspects of love help us to realize that love has more aspects to it than we might previously have appreciated.

5   Section Conclusion   04:44

This lecture concludes this section which shows that love is much more than most of us have realized, and is a much more powerful force than we generally give it credit for. As we “count the ways” of love we can learn about the considerable dimensions of love and, going step-by-step we can learn how to use love to make very good things happen, as Mahatma Gandhi is quoted as saying is possible.


Section 5: The Source And Course Of Love

1   Section Introduction   02:43

In this section, we begin to develop our intellectual understanding of what love is, in 5 ways:

Where is love, and what is it, exactly; where do we look for answers to that?
Who are we, in relation to life itself?
How can we access love?
How can we fulfil more than a tiny fraction of love’s potential?
Can we make some really good things happen through love?

2   Universal, Infinite And Unconditional Love   05:02

In this lecture, we begin to see love in a universal context, seeing how the universe works in ways that we can say are very similar to how we see love working in our own lives. This suggests that love is a law of nature, that the nature of life itself is love. Whilst it’s difficult to pin this down in scientific methodology, we can sense that it is so, if we’re open to the idea.

There’s also a sense that love in the universe is unconditional, because life evolves in ways that suggests that nature has a free hand, Darwin-style. And we humans have free will, it seems, to live as we choose.

So, love is being described here as universal, infinite (that’s how the universe is, effectively) and unconditional; and we are connected to that, being part of life, and we have access to that, in accordance with the “As Above, So Below” principle.

3   Who Are You, Really? Pt 1   07:48

In this lecture you’re challenged to consider “who are you, really?” Beyond all the labels we give ourselves, who are we, really? What is this that can say, “I am”? Is our ability to recognize ourselves and say “I am” purely a function of our physical biology, or is it something separate, somehow, from our body?

We begin here to look at a non-physical, or “spiritual”, dimension of ourselves, and how this may connect us to the whole of life, possibly connecting us to the creative intelligence and organizing power of life, which would give us access to something very powerful indeed, if we but knew how to access and use it.

Could this dimension of ourself be our “soul”? Is the correct answer to “Who are you, really?” – “I am a soul”? Are we, after all, a soul, rather than a body? If so, then, how could we live as a soul?

4   Going Deeper   04:35

In this lecture, your instructor explains his own experience of accessing, through meditation, this dimension of consciousness which is beyond the physical body, in what he describes as the “transcendental field”, or “Unified Field of Natural Law” where the creative intelligence and organizing power of nature is to be found.

He suggests that you, even without you having to meditate, could access this “field” by recognizing that your own soul, or consciousness, is seated there, rather than in your brain, and that you could access the greater power of this field by identifying yourself as part of that field, and learning how to access its power – its creative power of love – to your advantage – similarly to how you used your subconscious mind earlier in the course.

5   Deeper Into Life And Love   03:17

This lecture describes how, if you’re going to access the greater dimension of love in your life, there are 6 things you must do:

You must recognize yourself to be a spiritual soul
You must be who you really are
You must know your purpose in life, and live it
You must orientate more of your life to your purpose
You must be an embodiment of love in action
You must see more love in the world, and help bring it out.

6   Section Conclusion   03:31

This lecture summarizes the findings of this section, which primarily point to the reality that you are a spiritual soul and, as such, you have access to the creative intelligence and organizing power of life itself, the nature of which is love.

Also, as a spiritual soul, you may have a purpose in your life which you may find it worthwhile to identify and reorient your life towards, because that is where the organizing power of life may be most supportive of you and be the most beneficial for yourself and others.


Section 6: Identification With Ego Or Soul

1   Section Introduction   01:02

This section asks you to consider whether you are living your life as a soul or an ego.

As an ego you may achieve great success but are you really living your own life, or the life of someone you created as an identity of your own design?

And which would, ultimately, be the more successful – to live as a soul or an ego?

Does it really matter? What are your priorities?

2   Identification With The Ego   00:52

This lecture asks you to answer a questionnaire which will show you how strongly you identify yourself as your ego, and what the implications of that would be for you, primarily in terms of you being able to access the creative intelligence and organizing power of love.

3   Identification With The Soul   01:55

This lecture asks you to answer a questionnaire which will show you how strongly you identify yourself as a soul, and what the implications of that would be for you, primarily in terms of you being able to access the creative intelligence and organizing power of love.

4   Section Conclusion   01:00

This lecture summarizes the aims of this section, which are to encourage and enable you to see that when you identify yourself more as a soul than as an ego, you can draw on more of life’s creative intelligence and organizing power of love – the love that will benefit most the most people, including yourself.


Section 7: Are You “Service To Self” Or “Service To Others”?

1   Section Introduction   03:11

This lecture introduces a section discussing someone’s notion that “there are only two types of people in the world – people who engage predominantly in either ‘Service-to-Self’ or ‘Service-to-Others’ and that the world would be a better place if there were mostly Service-to-Others people.”

Service-to-Self types are thought to be more self-centered, whereas Service-to-Others types are thought to be more oriented toward other people’s needs; but whilst it may be thought that Service-to-Others types have a higher kind of love than Service-to-Selfs, your instructor offers some reasons to look a little more closely, and urges a thoughtful balance between the two.

2   Becoming Less “Service-To-Self”   05:55

In this lecture, your instructor explores the concept of self-responsibility as a necessary and justifiable part of Service-to-Self, where such self-responsibility is required when living in a culture such as modern-day civilization in the west. Nevertheless, this can be taken too far, to the extent of isolating oneself from other people and detaching oneself from the supportive organizing power of the collective, whether that’s a family, a work-place or large group such as a community or nation.

3   Becoming More “Service-To-Others”   04:42

If you’re already a Service-to-Others type of person, you probably already recognize the benefits of working with, and supporting, other people, whether it’s one-to-one or in a larger group. Some of these benefits derive from drawing upon the greater creative intelligence and organizing power of life, whether you realize that or not.

There are, however, some pitfalls to be avoided, notably in the dangers of taking on too much on behalf of other people, though you may want to; you can only do so much, and you must also take some responsibility for your own well-being if it’s not being taken care of by others for you – hence the need for you to achieve a well-considered balance between Service-to-Others and Service-to-Self.

4   Section Conclusion   01:42

This lecture concludes the section by emphasizing the need for balance between Service-to-Self and Service-to-Others even though there’s such a great need in the world for Service-to-Others types if some of the world’s problems are going to be addressed.

If we can achieve that balance, there is much we can do to help without burning ourselves out or giving too much, much as we may wish to give everything we’ve got.


Section 8: The Applications Of Love

1   Section Introduction   00:44

This introduction to the section describes how we can love more in the different spheres of our life, including:
loving ourself
loving at home with our family and friends
loving at work or in groups that we’re a member of, and
loving in the wider world.

2   Love For Yourself   03:19

In this lecture we look at how we see ourselves, which suggests how much we love ourselves.

If we see ourselves as a spiritual soul, part of life and having open access to the creative intelligence and organizing power of the whole of life, we can see that we’re a whole lot more amazing than we previously thought when we saw ourselves as being separate from life, from everyone and everything.

This really should justify us loving ourselves a whole lot more than we did before!

3   Love For Family And Friends   02:34

When we recognize that we, ourselves, are awesome spiritual souls it’s an easy step to recognizing other people as just the same – awesome!

That’s a good start to loving other people unconditionally, regardless of whatever else goes between you in your everyday interactions with family and friends, who we all know can be a challenge sometimes – as we can be to them!

That unconditional love is a fine basis for all our relationships and it can be uppermost in our perceptions of family and friends if we would but remember it, especially in times of ….well, all the time!

4   Love At Work Or In Groups   03:46

That unconditional love we can feel for family and friends can equally be felt for colleagues at work and in groups we’re a member of; but with any kind of group there’s a bonus to be earned – team spirit!

We all know that team spirit is the key to a group being greater than the sum of its parts, and the key to greater performance. Your desire to love more, and your knowledge that you’re fully justified in feeling unconditional love for everyone in your group, are a fantastic contribution to team spirit and you will be a wonderful beacon to light up the whole group’s way to greater achievements.

5   Love In Your World   03:30

There is so much to be done in the world, and we may all wish we could do something to contribute – well, it’s usually not practicable to do something by ourself; but we could support an effective group in some way.

In this lecture we look at various ways we can do that, ranging from giving your support to a group that you know about but aren’t directly engaged with; to being a working member of a group, even starting one yourself; but the key to it all is to work together with love.

6   The Law Of Attraction   07:51

Lots of people these days use “The Law Of Attraction” to get what they want, and many swear by it.

Your instructor, though, takes a rather different tack in urging caution about what you try to manifest in your life, and urges you to manifest from the level of your soul, NOT from your ego which might be asking for something that may only bring grief in the end.

Most importantly, we should manifest, or create, with love.

7   Section Conclusion   02:13

Concluding this section, your instructor emphasizes the value of loving unconditionally from the level of your soul, as the key to good loving and good living in the various spheres of your life.


Section 9: Your World Of Love

1   Section Introduction   04:01

As an introduction to this, the final section of the course (apart from the round-up conclusion), your instructor takes you “where no man has gone before” into an understanding of the largest framework in which your love will take you, that is, where you are an embodiment of love, part of life itself, loving itself into being all that it can be.

2   Who Are You Really? Pt 2   11:03

In this lecture, as Part 2 of “Who Are You Really?” in which your instructor explained in Pt 1 that, beyond all the usual labels we give ourselves, you are a spiritual soul occupying the body you were born into, here he looks at your potential to be all that you could be.

Taking a look at how life is seen through various different prisms of knowledge, your instructor makes the case that you are a unique part of life itself, expressing itself in a unique way as an embodiment of love, created to love the creator’s love into this creation.

3   The Power Of Love To Make Things Happen   06:07

In this lecture, your instructor goes on to say that as part of the creation, and as part of the creator, you have an enormous amount of power to make really good things happen. Also, you have a great deal of responsibility to use that power constructively, for the good of all; and as you recognize yourself increasingly as an embodiment of love, you want to get that right.

That means living increasingly as your soul, rather than as your ego, but also getting the balance between your soul and your ego into the optimum shape so you can be effective in your world; and developing the relationship between your soul and the greater spiritual dimension so that you’re working together to best effect, always with love.

4   The Road Ahead   05:55

The road ahead is long, but begins with a single step; and you can decide where you’re going. There are many ways in which you can give your love to the world, and you can be the judge of what you’ll do. Your love will find the way.

And if love be with you, who can be against you?

5   You, As The Embodiment Of Love   07:08

You’ve been on a journey on this course, and your frame of reference for yourself has expanded considerably. This is what happens in all our lives, but you have accelerated your journey immeasurably by deciding to learn to love more.

You are raising your consciousness fast, and you’ll feel many benefits from that, both spiritually and physically. And your consciousness will continue to rise, in an accelerating fashion, with the journey becoming ever easier and faster.

If you haven’t already realized that you are an embodiment of love, you will very soon.

6   And So The World Is Changed   04:03

When more people love more, the world is changed, and it builds on itself because more people feel the world changing as they feel “love is in the air”.

There is so much to be done to make the world more loving, which many of us consciously want, and this is something we can help to bring about; we can contribute to changing the world by becoming more loving and thereby making the collective consciousness of our world more loving, even if we do nothing but only be more loving, be the embodiment of love that we are.

And so the world is changed.


Section 10: Course Conclusion

1   Course Conclusion   04:43

Now that we recognize that we have that greater love within us, we need to open our heart to everyone and everything. This course has offered you techniques for opening your heart. As you practice these, and you feel your heart opening, you will feel not only your own love but the love of others in the world too.

2   And Finally…..   02:22

A personal ‘Thank You’ from your instructor.


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Course Instructor

Moravian-bridge_1   Philip Snow       Founder, New Living


Hello there! I’m on a life-long mission to help create a more loving world. I started in 1957 at the age of 12 and, considering I’m now 73 years old, you can see it’s life-long! At age 12, I could see that people weren’t loving, or caring about, other people as much as I thought they should, and I said to myself, “I’m going to spend the rest of my life sorting this out!” Quite an ambition for a 12-year old! And here I am, still working at it, and greatly helped by the worldwide Internet to reach out to thousands of students to inspire them to love more!

In 2004 I launched this non-profit organisation called New Living, based in Staffordshire, England, with a mission for “creating a more loving world to help us through to a Golden Age” (and I do believe it’s time for that!). And in 2011 I became a board member of another non-profit called The Love Foundation, based in Florida, U.S., with a mission “to inspire people to love unconditionally”.

In the 60-year span since the time I first started my life-long mission, I have been mainly “in service”. In 1963 I started my career in hotel and catering management which lasted until 1985. In 1980 I joined a large community practicing Transcendental Meditation “Yogic Flying” to see whether their claims to create World Peace would stand up (which they do). And in 1990, I joined an alternative/complementary therapy partnership whose mission was “to create unity within and between groups around the world”.

In 1991, I moved back home to look after my elderly mother after father had just died, and that mission of love took me through to 2004. During that, I did various things from the kitchen table, including running a 2000+ member classic car club which I thought I might be able to develop into a unified group – but I couldn’t, try as I may! After my mother died, for 4 years I was executive chairman of an older people’s campaigning organization with over 500 members, working to champion older people’s best interests.

Throughout the time since 1975, I have been searching for life’s great answers, so it was mainly a spiritual path for me, and I became convinced that what was needed in the world was an upward shift in consciousness towards a more unified, loving world; and, despite my years with the meditation community, I felt the way to do this, which most people would more easily relate to, would be to encourage people to love more. Hence my work with New Living, and hence my work with The Love Foundation.

And hence, after all that, here I am having created this amazing course, though I say so myself! I do know when I’ve done something good!

Welcome to this course, join me on a fascinating journey, and I hope you get as much from it as I did from creating it!


The course was first published in May 2015 on Udemy, the world’s largest online learning system where, to date, it has over 2,400 students and received the following 5-star reviews (the maximum available), amongst a total of 30 reviews to date, with an overall average of 4.4 stars out of max. 5 stars:

Gillian Parsons

I have really enjoyed this course. I spent ‘ALL’ day here looking, listening, questioning myself, thinking, learning and having, wow! moments because I saw a relationship to health, people and myself with all the info. I didn’t realise the course would lead into the spiritual area, I just liked the title love more and I wanted to find compassion within myself. This is a wonderful course! and beneficial in many ways. Thank you for allowing me access to it. The information is very clear as is the speech, the tutor is nice and speaks well and the exercises are powerful. A well formed informative, inspiring and thought provoking course. I recommend it. Love can be more in life and in the world and love can influence and bring forth change. Love is sure needed right now worldwide. Thank you for this course.

Enzo Coloso

WOW Great Course HARD Core!!

I just want to congratulate you Philip this is a great course
Hard Core, That is about what really is love and how can you use it to better your life and others. You will use love as you are embodiment of it to have a better spiritual experience and life experience in this physical world.

One of the great course and lectures that I have studied in my entire life. This course talk about the basics of love and the advance concept of love. And how to use the power within to level-up your life into a new dimension Thank you so much 😀

Marina Deestan-Jones

‘Whatever Love Means’ – to quote a Royal Prince!

A Wow for this course! When I enrolled I expected a sort of non-challenging ‘thought for the day’ sentiments which would be nice to read, certainly agree with but that was it….back to normal everyday life! Not so! Philip has given us far more here and indeed the course both comforts and challenges the student. We all know and want more from life than merely participating in ‘the big grab’ or merely ‘surviving’ and in thought-provoking lectures Philip takes us through the complexity of what it means to open ones’ heart (and indeed mind) to a higher level of existence and the real changes this can make to our everyday life. The lectures are sincerely and lucidly delivered and Philip draws on a wealth of sources to consolidate his assertions and give weight to his thesis. Lectures are enjoyable too and on the most simplistic level are coaxingly reflective with practical guidance to explore further and apply to one’s life. There is scope too to develop complex lines of thought and go into further depth and detail. To use a cliché – we all know it is the ‘journey not the destination ‘and Philip’s creation of this course is a gentle yet spiritual and cerebral ‘pause for thought’ as we each travel our respective journeys. Thank you Philip. Marina Deestan-Jones

Steven Harper

Learn to Love (and I found much) more.

I normally find it hard to write anything more than a shopping list but I feel that I must share my thoughts. I have just completed the course. After 2 days of being very excited and dashing to the computer at every available moment I can now feel justified in saying that I have enjoyed it and that it has effected me positively. I have just come back from a hospital visit and I have found myself smiling at people, speaking to people in the lift, complementing the hard working staff and being noticeably more interactive with my fellow human race. ( One of Philips exercises to get you started ) There are YouTube and website references for further investigation which I have also tried. Philip Snow presents these very well prepared lectures with a beautiful calm voice. He asks us to find our own passions and explore them in a new way and question if they are with or without ego. I can’t say that I scored very highly on the without column but it has made me reevaluate which can only be a good thing. Production quality was good and in keeping with the material being shown. I like to watch everything twice so that is what I shall be doing later and hopefully using it again and again to prompt me to taking the loving action.

Carolyn McAtee

Philip Snow’s course was interesting and informative. Upon completion of the course, I discovered that I had gained a better understanding of the concept of unconditional love, it’s meaning for my life, and daily applications for my journey on Earth.

Harold Becker

Powerful, Inspiring & Timely

In this rare gem of a course presentation, Philip Snow shares a pragmatic and useful road-map that can help anyone realize their true potential through love. Blending powerful universal insights with fun, practical ideas and activities, each section and lecture unfolds an extraordinary understanding that invites us to experience and express our innate unconditional love for profound and lasting change in ourselves and our world. Heart awakening and mind expanding, Philip offers more than his own story in Learning to Love More, he shares his heart-felt wisdom and expertise to inspire others to a healthy, balanced and loving life. He encourages us to bring unconditional love into our personal, professional, community and family lives, where we can begin the journey of restoring wholeness and happiness to our planetary adventure. Some may think it takes extraordinary strength and courage to break free from our past thought forms and limiting beliefs, traumas and dramas, yet he clearly shows us how anyone can awaken their own dreams, find inner peace, and embrace their limitless potential through love. Philip’s precious awareness and demonstration of unconditional love opens us to a deeper understanding of the voyage of our soul through our personal relationship with our self and the world around us. He knows firsthand that loving unconditionally begins within and by the time you finish his course, you will comprehend this as well.