I wrote this ‘Ascension NOW’ essay in January 2006 and aimed to foretell what might be expected to happen around the year 2012. Now that 2012 has been and gone, you’d perhaps wonder whether the essay is worth reading. It contains much of interest that is still relevant today, so my answer, as the author, is to encourage you to read on. There are various videos on the ‘Videos’ page that were made in the intervening, recent years and serve to update this essay and provide a deeper look at some of the issues I raised in this ‘Ascension NOW’ essay.


An essay, a personal perspective by Philip Snow, in answer to “What’s going on in the world today?

Chapter 1 : Where I’m coming from and where I’m going to

Time will tell, but I believe that we have entered a period of very great change for which we need to prepare by understanding it. At the very least we need to see it happening, because it is unprecedented in human history and we should participate in it, if only as a passive observer. At this time of beginning writing, in January 2006, the symptoms of this change are not evident for all to see, but I believe that by the spring or summer of 2006 people will be asking “What’s going on?”

So I want to write about what’s going on in the world today, from my own perspective and understanding. It’s about a process which I believe to be happening right now, often called (by those whose writings I have been reading) Ascension. That is, the ascension of both the planet Earth and of humanity into a higher dimension. This process has been going on for many years but it is only now, as I begin this in January 2006, that it has begun to be evident for all to see, and ancient and contemporary prophecy appears to be coming true, and major developments are occurring in the world. It has long been a concern of mine that if this process exists, ordinary people should go through it in comfort and benefit, and not be left behind by those who in their knowingness have raced ahead in one way or another.

There are so many different elements to this that it’s difficult to know where to begin. It’s also difficult to address my main target audience, which is the ordinary, average person in the street. Many would argue that it would be futile to try to reach that audience because they wouldn’t listen. That’s my whole point – it’s because they probably wouldn’t listen that I think someone has to make the effort to find a way to inspire them to listen.

Also, I want to produce something that people could take to their town or borough or city leaders (national leaders have their own agenda – see later) and say “What are you doing about the threats we face from global warming, terrorism, globalisation of food and energy supplies, peak oil, etc., etc.? Do you have any plans in place for when these threats start making life difficult? If you don’t, please read this….it’ll explain why you need contingency plans, and that you need them NOW! And I’ll let the press know I’ve told you, so you’d better do something about it.”

As I write this, I find that it is ever-more clear to me that ordinary people need to know the full truth about the origins of humanity, about who we really are and what has been going on in the world over recent centuries – and is going on today. The truth will set us free, though before it does it will probably make us mad as hell when we discover what has been going on. What people will then need is to be offered opportunities for knowledge, understanding, forgiveness and reconciliation so that freedom, love and peace can prevail. I believe it’s possible to achieve what I now say at every opportunity – an amazingly wonderful outcome for all of us, more so than we can possibly imagine.

The reader will almost immediately bring a question to mind: if what I am saying is true, why don’t we all know about it? Surely Governments would know, and would tell us? My answer is that, according to my best understanding, taking all the different elements into account, the top ‘leaders’ of government and other major institutions have literally been held hostage by people ‘above’ them – behind the scenes – and prevented from disclosing information which would otherwise have transformed our lives, averted the damage to the environment, poverty, disease, wars, terrorism and other such things that bring vast riches and power to those who benefit from them. It is those people hiding behind the scenes who need to answer that question and make amends by now enabling our ascension. But they wouldn’t do that. They cannot willingly relinquish their power and wealth, which full disclosure would entail.

I’m going to use the New Living website to publish this essay, partly to make it readily available, free, and also to get discussion and feedback along the way as I write. So to some extent this will be a collaborative effort. And I need to know that it’s getting out there NOW, because there’s no time left to wait for a year or more before a book would be published. What I’m starting here will probably be a rough outline of a book to follow. So here goes:

It became apparent to me back in the 1980s that the year 2012 will be of some considerable significance, the year when the Mayan Calendar (which is not measured in our own, Gregorian calendar, years) will come to an end and a new Golden Age will begin. At the time I was living in a community in Skelmersdale, in North-West England, where we were practising the advanced transcendental meditation technique called TM-Sidhis, or Yogic Flying, in a group about 150-strong. The idea was to raise the collective consciousness of the whole of the United Kingdom through our group practice.

I was hearing it said that in 2012 we, humanity, and perhaps the whole physical planet, will be going through a ‘quantum leap’ into a higher state of consciousness, whatever that meant, and that those who failed to develop a higher state of consciousness would not make it through to the New Age but would die, probably through cancer or suchlike because their physiology would become too low in ‘vibration’ (whatever that meant) to survive at the higher levels which would come. That didn’t sound very fair to me, and I have always kept it in mind as I have gone on through the years.

The meditators I was living with in Skelmersdale were saying that the best thing we could do was to raise our own consciousness and that would raise everyone else’s too. I could understand that, but it seemed a rather callous approach and I wanted to get the many people who wouldn’t meditate to be more directly involved in the process so that they would know what to do – or not do, if they so chose.

Eventually, at the end of the 1980s, I came to the belief that Transcendental Meditation was too eastern, too alien in culture, to be accepted by most people in the west, and I resolved to find another way of helping the whole society to rise in consciousness. (December 10th 2006: Arrogant, or what?) I left the meditators in November 1989 and returned to my home city of Stoke-on-Trent to look after my mother, who was now living alone following my father’s death in March of that year.

As it happened, my mother didn’t need looking after, and I frequently visited an ex-TM friend who was running an alternative medicine clinic using a novel diagnostic technique called ‘muscle-testing’, the formal name for which was health kinesiology. This technique had been developed by an American doctor in the 1970s as a technique for revealing what was going on in the body of a patient, or client, and the technique had proved to be very effective.

Muscle-testing involves using the patient’s muscle strength to obtain answers to questions that the practitioner would ask the patient, out loud or silently. If the practitioner could move the outstretched arm of the patient, who would resist using a modicum of strength, the answer was ‘No’. If the arm remained solidly strong, the answer was ‘Yes’. Any level of movement in-between might indicate a ‘Maybe’ or ‘Ask a different question’. Not only would the muscle-testing reveal what was wrong, but it would also state what treatment was required. The practitioner’s most pertinent question might have been ‘Where are these answers coming from?’

My friend who had started to practise this new technique had found for some reason that she couldn’t entirely understand that her use of the technique had developed a direction of its own, namely towards using it in a group context. That is, by using two or more practitioners working together in the clinic, it was possible for the muscle-testing to access different levels of diagnosis and different forms of treatment some of which, believe me, were truly bizarre by my standards and probably by most other people’s too. There was, however, no question about the effectiveness of the treatment.

Eventually, the muscle-testing itself said that I should join the practice as a member of the group. Actually it said that I shouldn’t go home again, that day, or tomorrow, or any other day unless the muscle-testing said so. That came as a bit of a shock, but since I enjoyed being with my friend and I was fascinated about where this muscle-testing technique was leading, I willingly agreed to stay. I stayed for about 18 months, until I felt that I wanted a change, and just at that time my mother became ill and needed someone to look after her. So I went home again. The group practice is still working today and I am still involved, though peripherally and remotely.

I had discovered that the answers to the muscle-testing were coming from a higher source. I learnt that, at the level of our consciousness, we are all connected, right up to the highest level there is and which, to avoid being too overwhelmed, we used to call ‘Upstairs’. Actually, to digress for a moment, there was an occasion when my friend asked a direct question: “What should we really be calling you?”, to which ‘Upstairs’ replied “When you know us really well, you can call us ‘I’”. In other words, when we are really well connected to the higher source, we are consciously part of what it is, and we can say ‘I say this’ or ‘I say that’, knowing that we are speaking from that higher level of consciousness.

Now, here’s the rub – as I’m writing this today, about 15 years later, I don’t know whether I’m writing this, or it’s being channelled, or I’m writing this from my higher self. I suspect the latter because the thoughts I can hear in my mind are ‘Just get on with it!’, which is probably my higher self!

There was another occasion when my friend was told by Upstairs, ‘Don’t muscle-test this, HEAR it and say it’. My friend was reluctantly forced to acknowledge that she would normally hear the answers to her muscle-testing as thoughts in her mind as well as through the weak or strong physical movements of her client’s outstretched arm. And from that point she began to ‘channel’ full-length messages from Upstairs, messages normally of a counselling nature.

One day, there was a message for me. Unfortunately I can’t find the typed copy, which I certainly had up to December 2004 when I moved out of my mother’s home, after we’d sold it to wind up her estate after she’d died. At the time of moving I was of a mind to ‘let go’ of everything from the past, at least the physical things, so I threw out everything other than the barest of necessities. I left the house with very little, and moved into a small flat which I’ve just searched briefly and I can’t find the message. I’m a bit surprised that I threw that particular message out because it formed the basis of all my work thereafter, part of which I suspected would include writing a book, as I am now doing, and I would want to be able to reprint the message. Anyway, if I come across it I’ll add it in later.

The message told me that I was using a clairaudient ability to access information and I should practice and develop my ability until it became telepathic, at which point I could be passing messages from the Spiritual Hierarchy on to others “for their support and encouragement”. Up to that point I had no idea I had a clairaudient ability, which means ‘hearing’ beyond the usual limits, in the same way as clairvoyant means ‘seeing’ beyond the usual limits. In my experience, the only things I hear are my own thoughts, but I must admit that I often ‘think’ things that later turn out to be prescient, that is, knowing things that will happen in the future, but I have usually thought that it was a case of simply extrapolating trends that I could see already occurring.

Today, in January 2006, I feel no differently about my clairaudient or telepathic abilities, except to say that I have greater confidence that the thoughts I have, and particularly the instincts I have, about how things are going to develop, are pretty near to the mark. So when I feel comfortable about talking about things that most people would say are preposterous, such as the whole idea of Ascension itself, it’s because I feel I’m right to think that way. Mostly, my own predictions, or my acceptance of other people’s predictions, have been justified.

Predictions about the Ascension process come both from ancient sources such as the Mayan Calendar and also from many present-day sources, almost all of which are channelled messages from higher dimensional sources. Many people would dispute the possibility of receiving channelled messages from higher sources, but the basis I have received through both meditation and muscle-testing makes the possibility acceptable to me.

Also, I think that I have spent my life working up to this time. The fact that I started thinking along these lines when I was only 12 years old could suggest that I incarnated at this time in order to do what I’m doing today. I grew up in a family of middle-class professionals who mixed with some owner-class industrialists, and I saw the great contrast between their lives and those of the working classes whom I saw at school and play. I distinctly remember, at the age of 12, walking alongside the tennis courts in Trentham Gardens, a leisure park near to where I lived, and thinking to myself “I can see there’s something wrong in society, and I’m going to spend the rest of my life sorting it out.”

I think what I was seeing at that time was a lack of love in society, a lack of concern for the well-being of others, and a wrong-headed, or wrong-hearted emphasis on material success. Also at that time I had scored near the bottom of my class in school, whereas my twin brother had scored nearly top, and I was acutely aware of the difference. Clearly there was greater approval for those who achieved intellectually, but no particular recognition of those who, like myself I felt, were just nice guys who had, as I did, a quite profound awareness of spiritual values.

At that time I consciously decided to stop worrying about exam marks and find my way through life with my heart rather than my intellect. In view of what I’m doing today it seems I got it right.

Next chapter: Goodbye to the Church, hello spirituality!

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