Aquarius is believed to be synonymous with enlightenment. It is also the sign which begins the second half of the ‘precession of the equinoxes’, a 25,800-year cycle in which each of the twelve signs of the zodiac are the rising constellation as seen from Earth at the spring equinox for periods of around 2,160 years each. So ‘the dawning of the Age of Aquarius’ is a major time in astrological terms and it’s happening around now.

It was through taking a look at western astrology that I began to see the term ‘ascension’. I began to read about ‘ascension from the 3rd to the 4th (or even 5th) dimension’, for the planet and for ourselves.

For me, this was a new ‘take’ on the rise into a higher state of consciousness, and it seemed, to judge by the number of websites talking about it, that it was quite well known as a process occurring now.

There is quite a large body of people known as ‘Lightworkers’ who have been engaged in consciousness-raising practices and global meditations for several decades. In 1987, the above-mentioned Jose Arguelles organised a ‘Harmonic Convergence’ global meditation in which great numbers of Lightworkers participated.

These lightworkers have been working to raise collective consciousness through their light-bringing techniques, working towards a breakthrough into a higher dimensional state. There are two aspects to this: firstly, we can raise our individual and collective states of consciousness through our own, conscious efforts, and secondly the vibrationary frequencies of the planet are being raised through the planet’s own efforts. In both cases, we are being supplemented by rising vibrations of light coming to Earth from the wider galaxy, possibly from an invisible, higher dimensional sun at the heart of the galaxy.

In 1975, environmentalist Sir James Lovelock in the UK hypothesised that the living matter of the planet functioned like a single organism and he named this self-regulating living system after the Greek goddess, Gaia. Since then, the planet, Gaia, or Mother Earth, has become more widely accepted to be a spiritual – as well as physical – living, conscious entity which has decided to rise into a higher vibrational frequency. And we can’t do a thing about it. Not that we ought to want to.

According to the various ‘schools of ascension’, Mother Earth has her own evolutionary path and believes the time is right for her to rise, or ascend, into a higher vibrational state. It seems that Mother Earth has played a part, a very difficult and onerous part, in the process which has been taking place in our galaxy over aeons of time, and the time has arrived for her to regain her former, higher dimensional state.

To do this, Mother Earth needs to physically transform. And this explains global warming, climate irregularities, the rising frequency and intensity of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and suchlike. Mother Earth is literally transforming herself right under our feet. I understand that she will become a 12-faceted dodecahedron instead of her current egg shape. That’s a pretty big transformation. She needs to do this not only to be the functioning body she should be, but also to purify herself of the toxicity and negative energy that is kinetically stored up in the Earth, the accumulated detritus of humanity’s activities over umpteen thousands of years. It sounds pretty bad for us, doesn’t it?

At the same time, humanity is also undergoing its own transformation into beings of higher dimensional states, the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions, depending upon our own choices and efforts. In the 4th dimension, currently known as the Astral dimension, we will cease to be merely physical beings, we become both spiritual and physical, though physical in a much more refined, subtle, light, state. In the 5th dimension we will, it seems, become as we have always become when we ‘died and went to Heaven’ and became subtle beings of light. Heaven, it seems, is coming to Earth.

But wait, before you consider this the worst thing imaginable – you have a choice. You don’t need to go through this transformation. If you would prefer to continue living in a state of being such as the more grossly physical, disconnected from your spiritual inheritance, warring, polluting, keeping-up-with-the-Jones’s, Mercedes or BMW convertible-driving materialistic, couldn’t care less about anyone else, it’s a choice you can take and no-one will try to persuade you otherwise. It’s fine. There are planets out there similar to Earth as she has been until now, and you’re welcome to go there. No pressure. It’s your choice. It’s just that you can’t stay here on Earth, because she’s going somewhere you can’t go at your present level of consciousness. How you’re going to get to those other planets before 2012 is something I can explain, a little later. I am already, however, insisting to those from higher dimensions who will manage this process that it should be a very attractive option made available to us. So relax.

Added in December 10th 2006: Sorry, but no good news on this. To make direct contact with those from higher dimensions I wrote to Matthew Ward, via his mother Suzanne who channels from Matthew who died in 1980. Matthew has channelled several books through his mother and frequently sends ‘Messages from Matthew’ which can be read at

I wrote:

Dear Suzy,

Matthew said in his message received today (February 11th 2006) that “Many, many millions will not make the journey with her into the higher vibrations due to….” and “This is NOT a judgment call or punishment for those souls!”

That being the case, I hope to hear that these people will be transported by the ETs to other worlds where they will enjoy a reward in this lifetime, or at least will die in peace, for having participated and suffered in this great cosmic drama for so long.

Could it really be that ordinary, unascending people have such negative karma that they are due to suffer in these coming times? Who amongst us, at every level of society, has not been ruthlessly prevented from knowing the spiritual reality which would otherwise inform and guide our lives?

I have yet to read or hear of any channelled messages in which those who will not ascend here on Earth will recognise in their present lifetimes the contribution they have unknowingly been making – unknowingly, that is, at a conscious level, until now, and will be able to enjoy the fruits of their contribution.

These people are victims enough of the dark side here on Earth without having to pay the ultimate price of losing their lives as the ascension process continues without them.

Somewhere in the Bible it talks about ‘wailing and gnashing of teeth’ at the end-time. If that applies to the dark side, then fair enough, perhaps. But it would not be acceptable for those millions, if not billions, of ordinary people who have no conscious awareness of all that is going on, if they were to become aware that the death-rate is multiplying fast and they may be next on the list. They have been prevented from knowing their spiritual reality, and have been too busy surviving to even think about the higher things.

I hope to hear from Matthew that all is in hand to give the ordinary, unascending people of this Earth their due, and their choice, consciously, in this lifetime. Choices could include relocating to another planet, and there must be virgin, unpopulated planets where the adventurous ones would jump at the chance of going to make a new start (assisted and guided by ETs), or a planet where beautiful new, underground cities and holiday resorts could be made ready in advance for those who like their comforts. Others, who feel they could do with a rest from it all, could choose to go to Nirvana, but should not have to suffer in death. Peacefully, in one’s sleep, or even in the wakeful state, through conscious choice, having made their peace, would be acceptable, I dare say……

Most of the ordinary people here on Earth would not want their lives to change at all, but they could be sold on the idea of helping the Earth to ascend by leaving here if the options were attractive….

There is injustice enough. Do the higher dimensional ones really understand what being an ordinary human being is like on this dimension?

I know one shouldn’t judge the people in one’s life, but most people seem worthy of such compassion and gratitude that they don’t seem to deserve to suffer any more.

With much appreciation for your work and Matthew’s messages.

Philip Snow

Matthew replied as part of his message on April 7th 2006:

(Quote) Mother, I know that your list includes questions from a thoughtful and compassionate reader who asked if “ordinary people” will know in this lifetime that they contributed to Earth’s karmic fulfillment and thus played their roles well to that point. He wants fairness for these people who hold fast to their religious beliefs, which they cannot accept are rooted in dark deceit, so they will refuse the light energy that would enable them to physically ascend with Earth. Those are approximately his words, to the best of my recollection. No, those people will not be aware of their roles until they arrive in Nirvana, where memories will come as to what they had chosen to consciously remember during this Earth lifetime, but did not. Then, once again they will know the truth, and totally without judgment or penalty, will select other opportunities to “see the light” at the level each one needs, and therein is the fairness that caring reader wants for them.

He further asked if higher evolved beings truly realize what it is like to live in a world that precludes conscious awareness of what it means when a person denies what her or his soul knows is true. Yes, we do. All souls at this station who have lived in third density worlds—and for many of us, the multiple experiencing includes Earth lifetimes—intimately relate to the turmoil that is shortly ahead for the many millions whose religious faith, whose very foundation for living, is based on the lies they have been taught. We continuously beam to them in the fervent hope that when the full truth comes, they will open their hearts and minds to it, but we cannot impose upon them our intense desire for their spiritual reawakening.

And it is not the responsibility of you light workers to convince them that they must follow in your pathway. Yes, YES! do offer your enlightenment with patience and compassion, and rejoice just as we shall when your efforts succeed. But remember that your primary responsibility is not to others first, it is to Self—to stay steadfast in your light and not allow fear to enter your essence when you encounter challenges. You know that light beings are with you every instant in your journey, enfolding you with the love and protection of the Christed light.” (End of quote)

Hence my changed ideas about helping people through the transition: people have to take responsibility for their own choices, choices they made at a soul level before even incarnating here on Earth; there is still the opportunity to make new choices, it seems, but people must ultimately make their own. (End of ‘Added in December 2006″)

This business of ascension is worth going into a little more, especially as it’s the title of the essay:

Ascension is about rising into a higher state of consciousness. Okay, what exactly does that mean? Well…….considering that I’ve been working on raising my consciousness for at least 25 years you would expect me to know, so here goes…..

1. Consciousness is that which we experience as “I am…”. It’s awareness of oneself and the outside world. “I am alive… are alive.” Whether we regard animals or trees as conscious is only a matter of degree.

2. So, let’s talk about degrees of consciousness. “I am aware that I am alive and that I am myself…..but I am separate from you.” This is a state of consciousness which is based on purely physical values. “Everything I can see is separate from me.” This is, no offence intended, a relatively low level of consciousness. It is the prevailing state of consciousness especially in the western world. It is one where we experience “the other” as separate, and where qualities of good and bad are identified as separate. This is called duality, or polarity. There is little awareness of an underlying unity.

3. At a higher level of consciousness, we begin to move away from duality or polarity and towards unity. “Whatever I can see in myself, I can also see in you. Whatever I can see in you I can also see in myself.” This means, if we look really deeply into ourselves, and if we are brutally honest with ourselves, we can see some aspect, or some degree, of the same qualities in other people and in ourselves too. You don’t think of yourself as a murderer? How long is it since you killed an insect? Or an animal, which was killed because you expected to buy it from the supermarket to eat? Okay, bad examples, but only because I’m treading on dangerous ground here. The more we consider this, the more we will find that, under the superficial differences, we’re all the same. We all know what love is, don’t we? I’m not talking about sexual attraction or lust or ‘first love’, but that feeling of deep, never-changing feeling that we realise is there even after all those years, that’s love. We all feel that, towards some people or things in our lives, don’t we? That’s just one example of the deeper we look, the more we find we’re the same.

4. A higher level, or degree, of consciousness is one where we realise through direct experience that we are connected at a deeper level. That is why we sometimes experience telepathy, or have an intuition that the phone’s going to ring and we know who it will be; or where we have ‘chemistry’ with someone; or when we respond to the sight of something or someone at a deep emotional level. These may be temporary, fleeting experiences but they are experiences of a higher level of awareness, or consciousness. At that higher level of consciousness, we realise as an actual, personal experience that we are connected at a non-physical level. This is spiritual.

5. Rising by degrees, we may find that we can sense what a tree feels like. It has ‘vibes’ (vibrating energy, radiating outwardly and resonating with your energy field so you can sense it – sorry, you knew what I meant, didn’t you). If you really focus your attention on a tree, you may find that it has vibes of a particular quality. And if you focus your attention on a different kind of tree, you can tell the difference between their vibes. They’re different energy patterns. You can identify trees with your eyes closed. And the more you do this, the more you realise that everything has energy patterns, even rocks, though you’d be hard pushed to feel so sensitively. But even rocks are alive; next time you get hold of an electron-microscope, put a piece of rock under it, and you’ll see energy patterns, and sparks of light, even in a rock that’s been lying there for thousands of years. Everything is alive, and conscious to a degree. There’s a relationship between the strength of the energy vibes and the state of consciousness. Also, the more you can see these energy patterns, the higher is your state of consciousness.

6. I can’t see these energy patterns. At least, I don’t try, certainly not with trees these days, but I can ‘feel’ the energy of people; but not particularly well. At least, I don’t think so. There was a time when I was practising the TM-Sidhi meditation programme when everything seemed far more alive and full of vibes than it does now, and the presence of a group of TM-Sidhi meditators was enough to blow your head off. But I don’t practise the TM-Sidhis now, so my perception has dulled. I’m also not as spaced-out as I used to be, thank goodness.

7. The way we live affects our state of consciousness. If we’re a meat-eater, our awareness is duller than a vegetarian’s, sorry but no exceptions. If we live in a big city, we probably have a lower state of consciousness than a country-dweller, because the concrete jungle is a very low-vibe place, even when it’s a nightlife hot-spot bursting with life and lights and sound. Vibe-wise, it’s the pits, mainly because of the dense vibrations of concrete but also because of the relatively coarse human consciousness in such places. Sorry, but these are the facts.

8. At the other end of the scale, we have heard of spiritually-inclined people, or great masters like the Buddha, or Jesus, or Mohammed, who clearly have an exalted state of consciousness. We may imagine that such states of consciousness are way beyond our ability, but I wouldn’t be so sure. The process of ascension that we’re now undergoing is intended to take us that far. Such ascended masters urge us to love. Love is the most sublime, most divine, most unifying, most universal energy we can experience, beyond all duality and polarity. And love is all we need. “All you need is love.” The Beatles were so in touch with the times, in those fleeting years of the first impulse of Aquarius. When we’re wondering what is our state of consciousness, we have only to look at how much, how far, how unconditionally and how deeply we love.

9. Ascension is the expansion of the love in our heart.

I need to tell you more about what I understand an ascended world will look like, and also what will happen to those who choose not to ascend. Also, what will happen between now and then. But firstly I need to tell you that you have to make the choice between ascending or not ascending. You can’t get away without making a choice.

To a considerable extent you have already made your choice. I could venture to suggest that the fact that you’re reading this could mean that you have made your choice to ascend, but let’s not get too far ahead.

You made a choice before you were born into this lifetime. It’s not generally known that we have a conscious life before we were born, but if you accept the idea of reincarnation, and that of a heaven between incarnations, then it’s not too great a leap to consider that between incarnations your spiritual soul is engaged in some productive activity. It is said that we have spiritual guardians and counsellors in heaven who help us to choose the terms and conditions of our next incarnation, according to where we are in our personal evolution of consciousness and what we need to experience and learn. We choose our parents, the time and place to be born and a whole raft of circumstances which will enable us to live the kind of life we have chosen for ourselves.

So you chose to be here at this unprecedented time. You knew that the ascension was going to happen. You chose whether to put the work in to your own personal ascension, or not. You might have chosen some other scenario relating to the ascension process, such as helping to pay off some karma of your own or humanity’s. For instance, those people who died in the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 and the Himalayan earthquake in 2005 played a major role in resolving some of humanity’s negative karma, and they should be greatly honoured for it. It was a very great sacrifice. It was no accident they were there. They had agreed to be there.

So, my question to you is: what was your decision? You can probably get some idea from how you have lived your life, and the extent to which you feel drawn or repelled by the information I am setting out here. As I’ve just hinted, if you’ve read this far, you’re probably drawn to the ideas here and you probably feel you would want to go through with ascension.

On the other hand, it’s not too late to change your mind. You are a free, sovereign individual who can decide for yourself what to do with your life. If you feel that ascension sounds like too much work and what I’m predicting an ascended world will be like is not to your taste, or you would miss your 3rd dimensional life too much, you can now decide to stay in 3D.

The important thing is that you need to make a choice and you need to make it fast. That’s because you don’t have much time to prepare for whatever you’ve chosen. And that’s why I’m working to get this information out NOW, because there’s no time left to play around.

This is the whole point of this story I’m telling. You need to decide which side of a rapidly-widening gulf you are standing upon, and then move with some determination into whatever lies ahead.

For many years I thought that I was to be a gatekeeper, standing at the gate to a bridge which stretched over a divide between the old age and the new. I was imagining myself waving people through, over to the new age, encouraging people to decide to get over there before the widening divide made the bridge fall into the gulf and the option would be closed. I feel my instinct was right: that’s what I’m doing. But there’s very little time left for choices. It’s time to make the choice and then commit yourself to your choice, in certain knowledge that you’ve made your own choice and you’re happy with it, whatever it may bring. And that’s why you need all the information you can get, and that’s why I’m writing this to give you that information, or at least point you in various directions where you can get more information

Now I’m going to predict what will happen from this point on.

At least for the first few months of 2006, and perhaps beyond that, what happens will happen to all of us whatever our choice has been. We will all be affected in some way, directly or indirectly. However, how we deal with it will probably be determined by our choice, and by our understanding of what is happening.

For example, the Earth still has many changes to make. There could be many more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions large enough to devastate whole areas or regions. Climate irregularities could occur over whole countries or continents, and as I write the north and east of Europe is experiencing the coldest temperatures for 50 years. The added complication of exploded gas pipelines in Georgia is making life particularly difficult for the people there. This is an example of the combination of separate phenomena exacerbating the challenges related to the ascension process.

There are various threats to our national and international infrastructure which could impact our day-to-day lives. Some of these threats are credible, such as global warming and climate irregularities, and terrorism, and earthquakes etc., and others are not so credible such as bird flu pandemics which appear to be used more as a fear-inducing factor and an excuse for validating future, unnecessary government control measures. More on that later.

Added in December 10th 2006: There has been a number of waves of powerful energy from unknown origins which have impacted on Earth in recent weeks and months, and it seems that many more such waves are to come. These are said to be causing the ambient vibrationary frequency to rise. According to my muscle-testing, my own vibrationary frequency has risen from 61 to 69.6 within a few weeks, entirely because of rises in the ambient frequency. Everyone is being affected by these rises in frequency, and due to the relationship between energy and consciousness (same thing), this will cause changes in behaviour. In turn, these will cause outward effects in society and in the wider world.

It seems that some people will react to the rising energies by becoming more spiritual (wanting to help others, for example) and some will become more materialistic (self-seeking); in this way, the great divisions will occur – dividing the sheep from the goats: to quote from the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ:

35 And everyone can read the records he has written for himself, and he will know his doom before the judge shall speak, and this will be the sifting time.

36 According to their records men will find their own.

37 The judge is Righteousness, the king of all the Earth, and he will separate the multitudes as shepherds separate the sheep and goats.

38 The sheep will find their places on the right, the goats upon the left, and every man will know his place.

End of ‘Added in December 2006’

I’m finding I have reached the point where I need to introduce what may be an altogether unexpected element: the extraterrestrials. I’m going to introduce our galactic neighbours now because they are central and, I feel, prerequisite to the process of change in our lives which will unfold ahead. ‘Prerequisite’ might be too strong a word, because some sources say that humanity has to take full responsibility for its actions in the years ahead; I personally feel, however, that a sincere appeal to the extraterrestrials for guidance and some physical support would be in order.

Next chapter: The extra-terrestrial approach to Ascension

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