I noticed a poster on the wall of the main lounge in the Edinburgh TM Centre. It showed a chap sitting in full lotus, crossed-legs position, seemingly levitating. This was the practice of the recently-introduced TM-Sidhi programme, which later became known as Yogic Flying. The programme was intended ‘to create coherence in collective consciousness’, whereby the whole nation could enjoy life ‘spontaneously in accordance with natural law’. As you can imagine, this sounded very interesting to me.

Yogic Flying for coherent consciousness

Friends of mine practising Yogic Flying for coherent consciousness

Curiously this was only two months after I had been managing the catering for the annual Scottish Kennel Club dog show at Ingliston Showground, near Edinburgh Airport. I remember collecting one of my staff, a chap called Nigel, on our way there at about 5.30 in the morning. I complained to him that I hadn’t slept well but I’d had a very vivid dream. In the dream I was in a room with some other people and we were sitting cross-legged and flapping our arms and rising up and down off the floor. Remember, this was before I saw the poster in the TM Centre. I had never heard of people levitating like that. So when I saw the poster, I was reminded of the dream. I felt that the dream must have been a premonition that I would learn the Yogic Flying technique. And, sure enough, I did, in July 1980.

Whilst I was attending the two-week study course to learn the Yogic Flying technique, at Swythamley Park, near Leek in Staffordshire, there was an announcement about a community project to be set up in Skelmersdale, near Liverpool. The intention was to create a large enough group of Yogic Flyers to raise the collective consciousness of the whole of Britain. This should be a group of 800 Yogic Flyers. The reason why it should be 800 was that, it was claimed, the coherence generated by people practising the TM-Sidhi technique in a group would be according to the same laws of physics that enable the incredibly powerful light of the laser to be generated. That is, when the square root of 1% of a group of atoms becomes perfectly coherent, the whole group becomes equally coherent, and vastly more powerful. So, with the population of Great Britain being notionally reckoned to be 64 million, near enough for the ease of calculation, 1% would be 640,000 and the square root of 640,000 is 800. So 800 people attaining coherent consciousness through the TM-Sidhi technique would make the whole of Britain coherent. Ideally, 800 would be a minimum, daily number so that a sufficiently high level of coherence could be maintained for the whole of Britain on a continuous basis to make a significant difference to the quality of life for the whole of Britain.

Part of the initial announcement was that the community would start businesses in order to become self-sufficient. That came as an unwelcome shock to me, having recently put a hotel-restaurant business into voluntary liquidation. This was despite having been trained at Ross Hall, the Scottish Hotel School in Glasgow, one of the top hotel management schools in Britain. It struck me at the time that the meditators were not experienced businessmen and so I would probably need to contribute my own experience to help the new community survive. Therefore, I thought, I should move to the community and become involved with its businesses. I moved to Skelmersdale to join the project in October 1980, about three weeks after the first group had moved there to make a start.

In the event I did become deeply involved with helping the businesses, and was eventually, in 1984, one of two people who, having become joint managing directors of the holding company with numerous divisions, had to deal with the Official Receiver in winding up the company. That’s another story which doesn’t need to be told here, and I’m recording it here just to confirm that my instincts about becoming involved with the project were well-founded. I’m trying to make the point that my instincts have proven to be well-founded at many stages of my life. Whether instinct or intuition or channelled from above is not entirely clear, but this is the basis of my confidence in the validity of channelled information. Upon this, my confidence in the process of Ascension, as described through channelled messages, rests.

The other facet of my confidence in channelled information is my experience of higher states of consciousness, through the creation of coherence in collective consciousness by the group in Skelmersdale and elsewhere. I was, at that time, one of a very small group of people who gained experienced of the practical benefits of coherent consciousness at first hand. Having a catering background, I was usually appointed to manage the catering for the large courses we held at Skelmersdale on various weekends. In the early days of the community, whilst enthusiasm for the project was most intense, there were 700 or more Yogic Flyers attending the courses. My experiences of coherence, and the practical benefits of coherence, became thoroughly reliable and predictable.

What would happen was that, on the Friday before the weekend course, whilst those attending were preparing or travelling to attend, and probably a bit stressed-out, things became quite incoherent in Skelmersdale. For me, organising the catering, things would not go well. We used to describe it as ‘working in mud’. It was heavy going. On the Saturday, whilst the course was settling in, things would ease off and go rather more smoothly, especially later in the day. On the Sunday, however, when the course was completely settled and coherence was greatest, that same qualitative experience that I had enjoyed during the Radiology Congress in Edinburgh would be there again – very smooth, very effortless, very blissful. This occurred every time. So I am completely confident that the effects that are claimed for Yogic Flying do indeed occur.

There was a time in 1984 or thereabouts when I attended a global coherence-creating course held in The Hague, in Holland. There were about 6000 Yogic Flyers participating, almost enough to affect the whole world. According to the previously-mentioned natural law, it would need nearly 8000 to produce coherence for the world population of 6 billion. A scientific study was carried out to assess whether the coherence generated by the course was having any beneficial effect. The study produced statistics on crime and other quality-of-life factors such as positive statements by world leaders, . The results showed clearly enough that we were indeed having such an effect.

coherence in global consciousness

Creating coherence in global consciousness

For me, then, there is definitely such a thing as a higher state of consciousness which can be experienced as a permanent, day-to-day reality. A question that needs answering, however, is why was I experiencing coherent consciousness whilst I was catering for the Radiology Congress in Edinburgh, those few years previously? Now, on the basis of what I learned as a Yogic Flyer, which included not only the practice but an intellectual understanding of what was happening, I can say that the group of businessmen involved in the Radiology Congress were focussed together on having a successful Congress. They probably had a fairly coherent consciousness to begin with, being successful businessmen, and they had the skills to focus their organising power in a powerful way. I think that my experience was that I was riding on the back of the prevailing coherent consciousness at the Congress. It wasn’t that my consciousness was coherent, although my own strong focus of attention probably contributed. It was the group focus that made the difference. The group focus created the higher state of consciousness. The same can happen in group sports, especially at a professional or competitive team level.

So, one might ask, how is it possible to achieve that coherent state of consciousness whilst one is by oneself? Ah ha! Now we get to something of a different order.

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