As I write at 28th December 2006, people could be forgiven for thinking that not much is changing, and if they’ve ever heard about 2012 being a time when this world will end and a Golden Age will begin (or simply that this world will end!), forgiven for thinking that it’s all in someone’s over-stimulated imagination.

Forgiving people for thinking thus will not, however, serve the job in hand.

The job in hand is to wake people up from their slumbering and persuade them to look a little deeper, just a little deeper, into what they see on their television and in their magazines and newspapers, and even on the streets of their towns and cities. Unfortunately most people have accepted the authority of the ‘authorities’, whether in government, the media, the churches, schools and universities or wherever. People believe what they are told by these ‘authorities’. This is a catastrophic mistake, the consequences of which are so grave, from the perspective of their immortal soul, that every effort needs now to be made to persuade people to see the pure and simple truth of their reality. This is the job in hand.

I could spend a lot more time embellishing all that I’ve written above by adding more detail, more historical facts and perspectives, more information about what’s happening today and what the trends are for the future. And I should do this. I will do it. In the meantime, I need to find ways to encourage what I (arrogantly?) call ‘ordinary’ people to see enough of what lies beyond their noses to begin to ask “What’s going on?” and then find their way to my writing or any other writing which sets out reality in an accessible way.

What’s needed now, I feel, is for people at least to open their minds to the possibility that great change lies just ahead of us, and to take as sceptical an attitude as they wish but at least to study enough to be able to contribute to a debate about it. Burying one’s head in the sand is simply not an option today. The time will come when, unless people have a fair degree of understanding, it will be too late to adapt to changing circumstances. That time is very, very near now.

We have a choice to make, a choice between two things: moving upwards into a higher state of consciousness, or moving downward into a lower state. Neither is the ‘right’ choice. No-one is judging, criticising, bemoaning those who choose to take the downward path. No-one is congratulating those who take the upward path, except to say that taking the upward path will have required a conscious and sustained effort, for which one may be congratulated. Taking the downward path requires no effort. Mother Earth does not seem to require a certain number of souls to remain with her; she seems to require only that those souls who prefer the downward path should leave her.

The conscious and sustained effort required to take the upward path does require some collective effort, however. And, particularly, many of those who are required to aid in the collective effort are still asleep: they need to be woken up. Practical things need to be done. A period of some years will surely be required to rebuild a functioning new world. At the same time, a period of chaos, disintegration, tribulation and not a little grief will have to be endured and handled with strength of character. Mutual support will be needed.

At the present time, at the end of 2006, those people who are striving to take the upward path are not finding each other in any great numbers. In the city where I live I know no more than half-a-dozen people with whom I can be working together, and even we are not doing this yet. To judge from the internet, which is undoubtedly the best tool for communicating between such people and groups, there are scarce numbers of people actively engaging with each other with serious intention. This needs to change, and I feel this must happen in the very near future.

It seems that there would need to be, may the gods forbid, more events on the scale of 9/11 or the Boxing Day 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean coming thick and fast and on an even greater scale before people will begin to wake up to a changing world. When we are directly, personally impacted by such events we will be forced to wake up. Even then, people may say that such events have happened before so, “What’s new?”. What will it take to wake people up? Perhaps the answer is that the choice has already been made: some people are already awake; others will remain asleep. I believe, however, that there are many who would want to be awakened. They simply need someone to wake them up.

I hope that my writing can be used as a tool to wake people up. This has turned into a fairly long essay. Perhaps it’s too long. It probably needs a summary, or at least a taster, so that people may feel inspired to read the longer work over a period of time. Somehow it needs to be publicised. The internet is undoubtedly the place to publicise it. It’s not, and I’m not, controversial enough to do ‘a David Icke’ and risk becoming known through mainstream media’s notoriety, effective though such a strategy might be. It needs to be quietly but insistently distributed through the web, through discussion forums.

If you, reader, managed to read this through this far, or if you, like me, prefer to read the end before you read the beginning so you know what it’s working up to, I hope you will agree that my work has some credibility, that it’s fairly balanced, fairly well sourced and provides a foundation for ongoing study. If so, I hope you will help to distribute my work.

Otherwise, my email is and I’ll be very happy to hear from you.

Take care, be confident, be brave, be helpful to others, be aware, be whatever it takes to get through the next few years. If you’ve got any advice for me, you know where I am. And hopefully, hopefully, we’ll see each other on the other side of time.


To be continued after 28th December 2006 (which was when I last added to this)…


(The following was added on 21st June 2008; an extract from The Wingmakers website at Over the last couple of years I’ve felt this to be an authentic, whilst extraordinary, expression of truth, though I cannot imagine what the source of the material is; mostly ‘he’ describes himself as James, who recently gave an interview as can be heard on the website, so he is real, and human; but what his source is, I do not know.)

“…. the entity (an individual) does not ascend from the time-space universes, but rather coalesces into a state of wholeness whereby its sovereign expression can assist in the expansion, or in a different context, the descent, of Source Reality into the time-space universes.

Ascension is often construed as the natural outcome of evolution. That all planetary systems and species are evolving to the point where they ascend from limitation, and that eventually, the time-space universes will somehow fold into Source Reality and cease to exist as fields of vibration. It is actually quite the opposite. Source Reality is descending. It is inclusive of all things, and it is the Source intention to expand, not retreat. The entity transforms to wholeness within the cradle of the time-space universe, and, in so doing, becomes the accessory of Source Reality’s intention to expand.”

So what this means is that the very title of my essay, ‘Ascension NOW’ is wrong; we’re not ascending now; rather, Heaven is descending to Earth, to express the above in sound-bite terms. It just goes to show that I’m learning too; so I hope you can read my essay as an ongoing process of exploration, and learning for myself, and for yourself if you choose.

There’s a quote similar to the above on another website I discovered lately, called The Revelatorium at I took upon myself the privilege of proof-reading the recently-completed work, all 34 chapters of it, so now it reads without tripping the reader up on typos and mis-constructions, which had prompted me to offer to proof-read and edit it. It too is a most extraordinary work, and until I find the actual quote again, it said, in effect, that we don’t ascend by our own efforts, as many other writers suggest; we ascend by the grace of the Creator, who is currently expanding this universe into something new and will take us into it if we are ready.

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