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Online Video Course – ‘Learn To Love More – and become ALL you were born to be!

Here is our 48-videos, 3hrs online course ‘Learn To Love More‘ which you can do in your own time. There are now more than 2,400 students, and recent reviews average 4.9 out of max. 5 stars. Here is a quick introduction:


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Some of the 5-star reviews:

Gillian Parsons
Learn To Love More

I have really enjoyed this course. I spent ‘ALL’ day here looking, listening, questioning myself, thinking, learning and having, wow! moments because I saw a relationship to health, people and myself with all the info. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]I didn’t realise the course would lead into the spiritual area, I just liked the title ‘love more’ and I wanted to find compassion within myself. This is a wonderful course! and beneficial in many ways. Thank you for allowing me access to it. The information is very clear as is the speech, the tutor is nice and speaks well and the exercises are powerful. A well formed informative, inspiring and thought provoking course. I recommend it. Love can be more in life and in the world and love can influence and bring forth change. Love is sure needed right now worldwide. Thank you for this course.[/read]

Enzo Coloso
Learn To Love More

I just want to congratulate you Philip this is a great course. That is about what really is love and how can you use it to better your life and others. You will use love as you are embodiment of it to have a better spiritual experience and life experience in this physical world.[read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

One of the great course and lectures that I have studied in my entire life. This course talk about the basics of love and the advance concept of love. And how to use the power within to level-up your life into a new dimension Thank you so much 😀[/read]

Steven Harper
creating a more loving world

I normally find it hard to write anything more than a shopping list but I feel that I must share my thoughts. I have just completed the course. After 2 days of being very excited and dashing to the computer at every available moment I can now feel justified in saying [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]that I have enjoyed it and that it has affected me positively. I have just come back from a hospital visit and I have found myself smiling at people, speaking to people in the lift, complimenting the hard working staff and being noticeably more interactive with my fellow human race. ( One of Philip’s exercises to get you started ) There are YouTube and website references for further investigation which I have also tried. Philip Snow presents these very well-prepared lectures with a beautiful calm voice. He asks us to find our own passions and explore them in a new way and question if they are with or without ego. I can’t say that I scored very highly on the ‘without’ column but it has made me re-evaluate which can only be a good thing. Production quality was good and in keeping with the material being shown. I like to watch everything twice so that is what I shall be doing later and hopefully using it again and again to prompt me to taking the loving action.[/read]

Harold W Becker (founder of The Love Foundation)
Learn To Love More

In this rare gem of a course presentation, Philip Snow shares a pragmatic and useful road-map that can help anyone realize their true potential through love. Blending powerful universal insights with fun, practical ideas and activities, each section and lecture unfolds an [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]extraordinary understanding that invites us to experience and express our innate unconditional love for profound and lasting change in ourselves and our world. Heart awakening and mind expanding, Philip offers more than his own story in Learning to Love More, he shares his heart-felt wisdom and expertise to inspire others to a healthy, balanced and loving life. He encourages us to bring unconditional love into our personal, professional, community and family lives, where we can begin the journey of restoring wholeness and happiness to our planetary adventure. Some may think it takes extraordinary strength and courage to break free from our past thought forms and limiting beliefs, traumas and dramas, yet he clearly shows us how anyone can awaken their own dreams, find inner peace, and embrace their limitless potential through love. Philip’s precious awareness and demonstration of unconditional love opens us to a deeper understanding of the voyage of our soul through our personal relationship with our self and the world around us. He knows firsthand that loving unconditionally begins within and by the time you finish his course, you will comprehend this as well.[/read]

Marina Deestan-Jones
creating a more loving world

A Wow for this course! When I enrolled I expected sort of non-challenging ‘thought for the day’ sentiments which would be nice to read, certainly agree with but that was it….back to normal everyday life! Not so! Philip has given us far more here and [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]indeed the course both comforts and challenges the student. We all know and want more from life than merely participating in ‘the big grab’ or merely ‘surviving’ and in thought-provoking lectures Philip takes us through the complexity of what it means to open one’s heart (and indeed mind) to a higher level of existence and the real changes this can make to our everyday life. The lectures are sincerely and lucidly delivered and Philip draws on a wealth of sources to consolidate his assertions and give weight to his thesis. Lectures are enjoyable too and on the most simplistic level are coaxingly reflective with practical guidance to explore further and apply to one’s life. There is scope too to develop complex lines of thought and go into further depth and detail. To use a cliché – we all know it is the ‘journey not the destination’ and Philip’s creation of this course is a gentle yet spiritual and cerebral ‘pause for thought’ as we each travel our respective journeys. Thank you Philip.[/read]


The purpose of New Living

The purpose of New Living is to help in creating a more loving world by helping people express and enjoy more love in their lives.

For many people, the easiest way to do this is to open their heart and show the love which is naturally there.

So, I invite you to view this video of a meditation which I wrote and narrated for The Love Foundation, a Florida, U.S.- based not-for-profit of which I’m a board member. The meditation says all we need to know, I feel.

And I invite you to look through the rest of the New Living website.


New Living If you’re not able to hear this video, you can read a transcript of it here.


What’s new at New Living

I created Facebook pages for New Living, Open Your Heart and Love in Business.

I started a Blog to post my own articles and news of interest, and invite discussion.

I published the online video course ‘Learn To Love More’ (see above on this page).

There are more New Living videos including meditations and radio interviews in which I discussed what I believed really happened on December 21st 2012, the date which the press and media called “the end of the world” date. That date is, to my mind, the marker for the beginning of New Living in the Golden Age which I have been working to understand for all of us to understand and enjoy, as we learn to love more, creating a more loving world.