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with the powerful kind of love you didn’t know you have!

Online Video Course – ‘Learn To Love More – and become ALL you were born to be!

Here is our free, 48-videos, 3hrs online course ‘Learn To Love More‘ which you can do in your own time. There are now more than 2,400 students, and recent reviews average 4.9 out of max. 5 stars. Here is a quick introduction:


New Living If you’re not able to hear this video, you can read a transcript of it, and also the whole of this course, here on this website.


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Some of the 5-star reviews:

Gillian Parsons
Learn To Love More

I have really enjoyed this course. I spent ‘ALL’ day here looking, listening, questioning myself, thinking, learning and having, wow! moments because I saw a relationship to health, people and myself with all the info. Read More

Enzo Coloso
Learn To Love More

I just want to congratulate you Philip this is a great course. That is about what really is love and how can you use it to better your life and others. You will use love as you are embodiment of it to have a better spiritual experience and life experience in this physical world. Read More

Steven Harper
creating a more loving world

I normally find it hard to write anything more than a shopping list but I feel that I must share my thoughts. I have just completed the course. After 2 days of being very excited and dashing to the computer at every available moment I can now feel justified in saying Read More

Harold W Becker (founder of The Love Foundation)
Learn To Love More

In this rare gem of a course presentation, Philip Snow shares a pragmatic and useful road-map that can help anyone realize their true potential through love. Blending powerful universal insights with fun, practical ideas and activities, each section and lecture unfolds an Read More

Marina Deestan-Jones
creating a more loving world

A Wow for this course! When I enrolled I expected sort of non-challenging ‘thought for the day’ sentiments which would be nice to read, certainly agree with but that was it….back to normal everyday life! Not so! Philip has given us far more here and Read More


The purpose of New Living

The purpose of New Living is to help in creating a more loving world by helping people express and enjoy more love in their lives.

For many people, the easiest way to do this is to open their heart and show the love which is naturally there.

So, I invite you to view this video of a meditation which I wrote and narrated for The Love Foundation, a Florida, U.S.- based not-for-profit of which I’m a board member. The meditation says all we need to know, I feel.

And I invite you to look through the rest of the New Living website.


New Living If you’re not able to hear this video, you can read a transcript of it here.


What’s new at New Living

I created Facebook pages for New Living, Open Your Heart and Love in Business.

I started a Blog to post my own articles and news of interest, and invite discussion.

I published the online video course ‘Learn To Love More’ (see above on this page).

There are more New Living videos including meditations and radio interviews in which I discussed what I believed really happened on December 21st 2012, the date which the press and media called “the end of the world” date. That date is, to my mind, the marker for the beginning of New Living in the Golden Age which I have been working to understand for all of us to understand and enjoy, as we learn to love more, creating a more loving world.