Messages from the founder of New Living, Philip Snow

Philip Snow, founder, New Living







Interview on the ‘Just LOVE’ Radio Show

The Just LOVE Show is hosted by Kip Baldwin, founder of the Just LOVE Movement based in San Rafael, California. Kip Baldwin invited me to be his special guest for his show on September 2nd 2015.


FREE Online Video Course – ‘Learn To Love More’

I have created a FREE (and much acclaimed!) 48-videos, 3+ hours online course called ‘Learn To Love More’ which you can do by yourself, in your own time. Just click on the course picture below, it will take you to the course.

Learn To Love More online course


Ultimately, the purpose of New Living is to help create a more loving world by helping people express and enjoy more love in their lives.

For many people, the easiest way to do this is to open their heart and show the love which is naturally there.

So, whatever else you may wish to read or view on the New Living website, I ask you to view this video of a meditation which I wrote and narrated for The Love Foundation, a non-profit of which I’m a board member. The meditation says all we need to know, I feel.

And I invite you to look through the rest of the New Living website.

What’s new at New Living

I created a Facebook page for New Living which you can see here.

I started a Blog to post my own articles and news of interest, and invite discussion.

I published the FREE online video course ‘Learn To Love More’ (see above on this page) on July 10th 2015.

New Living videos are the main updates to the ‘Ascension NOW’ essay I wrote in 2006. These videos are meditations and radio interviews in which I discussed what I believed really happened on December 21st 2012, the date which the press and media called “the end of the world” date. It is, to my mind, the marker date for the beginning of New Living in the Golden Age which I have been working to understand for all of us to understand and enjoy.