Message from the founder of New Living, Philip Snow


Ultimately, the purpose of New Living is to help create a more loving world by helping people express and enjoy more love in their lives.

This, I feel, will help to raise us all to a higher level at which our lives will have more harmony, more peace and more love among everyone.

For many people, the easiest way to do this is to open their heart and show the love which is naturally there.

So, whatever else you may wish to read or view on the New Living website, I ask you to view this slideshow, enjoy the scenes of nature and listen to the music. Your heart will surely open and your love will show itself through you.

And then I invite you to look through the rest of the New Living website.

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The photos were taken in some of the beautiful National Parks in the U.S.A., including Grand Tetons, with its mountain range, Yellowstone, with its wildlife, Yosemite, where the many waterfalls were in full flood while we were there, Grand Canyon with its vistas, and others. The photos were taken by myself and Rick Mutton, music by Rick Mutton.

The music in the slideshow received the following compliment:

“Hi Philip,

Just a note to let you and Rick know that I have had a chance to use Rick’s composition for my (massage therapy) clients. It is pure magic in that it affects the heart chakra which brings not only peace and relaxation but assists in healing the heart at a deeper level. The heart center responds without fear, struggle and resistance and begins to open to the safe and warm vibrations of this composition. Last week I had my massage therapist use it while I was getting my massage and so I know how it works from both sides.

Needless to say, I am very excited about the healing properties of Rick’s music.

Once again, Thank You for your gift of unconditional love.”

Pat McDonald

What’s new at New Living

The New Living videos are the ‘what’s new’ since I wrote the ‘Ascension NOW’ essay in 2006. The most recent videos are radio interviews in which I discussed what I believed really happened on December 21st 2012, the date which the press and media called “the end of the world” date. It is, to my mind, the marker date for the beginning of New Living in the Golden Age which I have been working towards for all of us to understand and enjoy.

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